Honoring Hawaii's Sporting Legends: Volunteering for the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame

The Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame is a state museum that pays tribute to the athletes, pioneers, and collaborators of Hawaii's rich sporting legacy. It serves as an educational repository and a role model for young people, inspiring them to pursue excellence and strong moral character. The concept was first presented to the Board of Directors of the Great Chamber of Commerce in 1960, and after debates in the House Metropolitan Sports Committee, a Sports Hall of Fame Committee was created to draft the statutes and develop the appropriate organizational structure. This committee included many future Hall of Fame luminaries, such as its first president, Roger Dougherty, and future Hall of Famer Byron White.

In 1998, when the Metropolitan American Football District proposed building a new Denver Broncos soccer stadium, the idea of creating a permanent museum began to gain traction. The Board of Directors of the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame spoke to the board about their interest in establishing a physical museum in the stadium. A selection committee was established to prepare the procedures and criteria for admission to the Sports Hall of Fame. Each year, nominees from around the state are selected to receive the prestigious honor of being inducted into the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame.

The Museum project partnered with local academic institutions to engage students in their project. After nearly 35 years of honoring Colorado sports legends, and with the statutes in place, The House Board voted in July 1964 and the necessary resources were available to incorporate the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. After successful stadium elections in November 1998, The Board of Directors set to work to forge community relationships necessary to launch The Museum project. The Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame is an invaluable asset to the community that records outstanding achievements of world-class Hawaiian athletes.

It is an organization that celebrates excellence and encourages young people to strive for greatness. If you are interested in volunteering for this organization, you can contact them directly or visit their website for more information. Volunteering for this organization is a great way to honor Hawaii's sporting legends and help preserve its rich sporting legacy.