Requirements for Selection to the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame

The Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame is a prestigious organization that honors the accomplishments of athletes, coaches, and other contributors to the game. To be inducted into the Hall of Fame, candidates must meet certain criteria. In general, a candidate must receive at least 75% of the votes from the Court of Honors Committee in order to be selected. If this requirement is not met, the Court may select a candidate by popular vote.

The Court of Honors Committee will select three nominees from among the remaining candidates, with no restrictions on the category in which they are nominated. Veterans must have a minimum of four years of residence in Hawaii or have achieved national or international recognition while attending a state college or university. After three years have passed, the name proposed for admission must be re-submitted as if it were a new candidate. The Selection Committee will review the nominations and submit the names of those most deserving of consideration to the Court of Honors.

To nominate someone for admission to the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame, they must first have inside information. The annual induction weekend events will take place at a location chosen by the Board of Directors. Nominations for elections must be in the hands of the Executive Director before September 1st each year. Professional athletes must have participated in professional-level competition for at least ten years or achieved a level of success considered worthy of being included in the Hall of Fame.