Honoring the Best of the Best: Recognition for Inductees to the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame

The Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame is ready to recognize the outstanding achievements of world-class Hawaiian athletes. As the state's Museum of Sports History, it pays homage to the athletes, pioneers, and collaborators of Hawaii's rich sporting history and serves as a role model for our young people, encouraging them to emulate the same characteristics of devotion, dedication, pursuit of sporting excellence, and strong, moral character. Recently, five former All-Americans players were inducted into the Brigham Young University Athletics Hall of Fame in Provo, Utah. Since its inception in 1975, nearly 250 student-athletes, coaches, administrators, broadcasters, and teams have been inducted into the BYU Athletics Hall of Fame.

The Polynesian Football Hall of Fame was also established to honor Polynesian athletes who have made significant contributions to the sport. The University of Hawaii at Manoa Sports Honor Circle has announced its 39th promotion. Each year, nominees from around the state are selected for the prestigious honor of being inducted into the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame. Inductees receive a variety of recognition for their accomplishments. This includes a formal induction ceremony with a plaque or trophy that commemorates their induction into the Hall of Fame.

They also receive recognition from their peers and other members of their community. In addition, they may be featured in local newspapers or on television programs. Inductees may also be invited to speak at events or participate in special activities related to their sport. The recognition that inductees receive is an important part of honoring their accomplishments. It serves as a reminder that hard work and dedication can lead to success.

It also serves as an inspiration for others who are striving to achieve greatness in their chosen sport.